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Jellyfish lake and diving at Kakaban

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large_5550_14691044818814.jpgDiving at Barracuda Point on the island of Kakaban, an hour away by speedboat.
It was a leisurely start with a 1000 departure from my hotel pier. I got there slightly before and was surprised Osland needed a PADI form. I thought it would be less official out here in the middle of nowhere.

We were on the boat in no time and the ride to Kakaban was very smooth. The water was like glass in parts. We got to the SW end of Kakaban and did our first dive at Barracuda Point (as opposed to another one called Barracuda’s Point supposedly). It started as a bit of a shelf with quite good coral, a shark, and finished with a large school of barracuda. I love barracudas!

For our surface interval, we parked up and walked up to the lake on Kakaban to swim with the stingless jellyfish. The water was brackish (slightly salty); I guess it is leftover from the days when it was part of the sea before it was cut off.large_5550_1469104485716.jpgSnorkelling in a lake of stingless jellyfish on Kakaban island. Due to the lake having been cut off from the sea, they have no natural enemies and have hence lost their sting.The jellyfish have evolved to be stingless due to lack of natural enemies.

No fins were permitted. We had to go deeper into the lake to get a good concentration of the jellyfish. I think I had been conditioned to avoid contact with them. After a while, when I knew I had been in contact with them from paddling around, I did touch a few just for the thrill of it. I tried not to overdo it in case it causes them to rekindle their sting in the future. LOL!

We had lunch on the jetty. I had a very nice fried chicken topped with chilli sambal. The Dutch had their sauce on the side, fortunately for them, as they don’t like spice.

In all, the surface interval at 2h was more than the required. We returned for the “Wall Dive” site. And what a wall it was! The coral was absolutely glorious.large_5550_14691044895063.jpgSnorkelling in a lake of stingless jellyfish on Kakaban island. Due to the lake having been cut off from the sea, they have no natural enemies and have hence lost their sting.There were some nudibranches and an orang-utan crab which I didn’t see. No big stuff for me until the end when we saw a turtle.

On the journey back we encountered a pod of dolphins. We slowed down to watch them jump before continuing to Derawan [Derawan-travel-guide-1335019]. As we were pulling in, we saw a huge turtle. Simon & Karen have seen it in their snorkels near the island . They think it likes the seagrass. I wonder if it likes the discharge from the toilets from the overwater cottages.

After a rest, we met up to pay Osland. I met Doris from China who had just arrived. We managed to agree on a plan for Sangalaki and tentatively advised Osland that we’d go on Wednesday. Another sigh of relief as it looks like I’m getting to do what I want here in Derawan.


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